Sore city after moving most of our apartment way ahead of time. Toured the new place yesterday. So excited!

Touring our new apartment today! Moving July 4th. 🏠

Mokie 2006-2020. We will miss your pig snorts and unique personality. You were like a celebrity among my circle and truly loved. Say hi to gramma for me. ♥️🐶

Our oldest dog, Mokie, who was my grandmothers, is nearing the end of her life journey. We are keeping her comfortable as this process happens. Mokie was infamous in my circle due to her unique personality and photogenic qualities. 😢♥️🐶

The entitled nature of your run of the mill IT worker knows no bounds…

First new shows in years and decided to try out Allbirds. 👟 RIP heavily destroyed Van’s

Got a SNES style controller for my Raspberry Pi running Racalbox and started earning retro achievements. This may be the start of something…

Can’t wait to move, and just got a starter set of Phillips Hue lights for our HomeKit setup. 💡

With all the negative associations going on with major social media networks, I feel even better about my decision to leave them all last November. I’m no longer fueling the fire.

I kind of hope RCS makes its way to iOS so I can have normal conversations with Android weirdos

Always amazing when a long overdue album drops and it was actually worth the wait!

SO HAPPY and Oceans finally has a new release. One of the most underrated and creative black metal bands ever.

I cannot wait to move. Our new place looks so nice. Kind of never thought I’d finally “make it” but, here we are…

I love the irony of people whining about COVID-19 tracing API in the new iOS being invasive, while having a major social media account on every platform there is

Very excited Mary Kate is learning how to control FPS games. Multiplayer here we come 🙌🏻

Accidentally deleted all my iCloud music collection, but it’s been a blessing in disguise. Rebuilding my music collection with stuff I actually listen to, or will listen to, is rebuilding the metal spirit.

Started playing Destiny 2’s free version last night and I think I may have found a persistent multiplayer game I actually want to play more…